LATEST NEWS. March 2020

Quim Peña successfully defended his Thesis on December 2019. Congratulations to the new doctor!

The research on MTs of our group appeared during the last year on the Spanish media: La Vanguardia!

“Learning to improve life”

Bioinorganic Chemistry is an interdisciplinary field that arises from a combination between Inorganic Chemistry and Biology/Biochemistry, which focuses on the role of metals in biological systems.

Bioinorganic chemistry pays attention on the natural phenomena involving metal ions as well as on the effects of artificially introducing metals (or metallic compounds) in organisms. Also, the study of models or mimics that imitate the behavior of metalloproteins is included in this field.

Our research is focused on the knowledge of relationships between biological systems (proteins/organisms) and metals, and their use to design rational biomedical and biotechnological applications. The study of the interaction of metal ions and metallic compounds with biomolecules (metallothioneins, other proteins, DNA, etc.), the synthesis of metallic compounds with putative specific functions (anticancers, target specific Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals, CO-releasing metallosomes, drug-delivery systems) and the evaluation of the reactivity (in vivo and in vitro) of these compounds are part of our research.


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